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To maintain your products in tip top condition they are best stored in a cool dark place. Please see individual product listings for additional instructions.


For details of any allergen contained in our products please go to the relevant product page which details all ingredients and highlights any allergen containing ingredients

Whilst a number of our products contain ingredients which make them unsuitable for vegans/vegetarians the majority do not. Nuts are a great food for vegetarians and vegans alike as they are a great source of many nutrients, in particular fibre and protein.

Full nutritional details are listed alongside each individual product along with confirmation of whether the product is suitable for vegans/vegetarians.

Simply Dip’d Almonds in Dark Chocolate contain 69% less sugar than the average chocolate coated nuts and peanuts. We have compared them to the following sample list of over 20 chocolate-coated nuts and peanuts

Brand and product name Sugar (g)
per 100g
NUTS FOR Simply Dip’d Almonds in Dark Chocolate 10.3
ASDA Chocolate Peanuts 42.0
Biona Organic Hazelnuts Dark Chocolate 26.5
Deliciously Ella Vegan Chocolate Orange Almonds 17.7
Deliciously Ella Vegan Dark Chocolate Almonds 17.5
Grape Tree Dark Chocolate Almonds 38.0
Harvey Nicholls Dark Chocolate Cashews 30.0
Harvey Nicholls Milk Chocolate Hazelnuts 37.0
Harvey Nicholls Milk Chocolate Nuts 38.0
Holland and Barrett Milk Chocolate Almonds 46.9
M & Ms Peanut Pouch 54.0
M&S Belgian Chocolate Cashews 49.4
M&S Belgian Chocolate Peanuts 33.1
Mighty Fine Skinny Dipped Dark Chocolate 12.3
Planet Organic Chocolate Almonds 25.0
Pret Salted Chocolate Almonds 21.3
Quibbles Belgian Milk Chocolate Caramelised Almonds 49.9
Sainsburys Milk Chocolate Peanuts 33.1
Tesco Milk Chocolate Peanuts 35.9
The Dormen Chocolate Peanuts 31.0
Waitrose Belgian Chocolate Peanuts 31.6
Whitworth Chocolate & Caramel Peanuts 37.4
Average of products shown 33.7


Here at Sun Valley, we believe in long-term sustainability and we aim to stick to the mantra of reduce, reuse and recycle in our packaging.

We have an active programme looking at ways in which we can reduce packaging, especially the use of plastic, and working with suppliers to find recyclable solutions that keep our products fresh and safe.

We use recycled materials in our packaging as much as possible. Our cardboard cartons and cases are produced from 100% recycled card, and many other card items are created from sustainably-sourced materials. All of our cards, cartons and cases are recyclable.

Our bags are not yet recyclable but we are actively looking at options to change this in the near future.

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